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Valentine's day poem
People will shut you out
Leave you torn apart,
With no one to run,
with no one to hide.
People will pull you down,
will stretch your limbs,
Until your tendons snap and break.
you'll cry but no one will listen.
However, at some point in time,
no matter how bad you feel deep inside,
someone will come along and change you'll life.
Add color. Add music. Add rhyme.
Lucky are those who met the one,
It's a struggle for those searching for the one,
Sometimes, you'll meet them in a glance.
Though, it's a pity if you'll let them pass.
Cherish every day as if it's Valentine's
Love them while you have the time.
Remember, you used to be in the dark
And you were never meant to be placed back.
Happy Valentine's day. Love until it lasts.
:iconreleign:Releign 0 0
She Is Always Smiling
She Is Always Smiling
By: Releign Laurette
She is always smiling. There is no other verb that would be suitable to describe this particular girl I know in campus. Her smile is so vibrant that when you see her posing those sweet curving lips of hers as she pass by, you can’t resist posing same sweetness on your gloomy face. There is some kind of a curse that surrounds her aura that even on a rainy day, whenever she’s around, you can’t help see past the dark and wet cloud, that beautiful sun hiding behind that curtain rain. If you are afraid of contagious diseases, her laugh is the least disease that you would try to avoid. Once she starts laughing, even without any knowledge of what was funny, you can’t resist the tickling feeling her laugh makes in your stomach. I should say, she’s one of a kind and her name is…honestly, I don’t know. I barely know her name but I know most of her ups and downs. Altogether, she has a smiling face and transparent
:iconreleign:Releign 1 1
Whispers in the Night
The night is calling me.
Telling me to sleep because I’m weary
But I don’t like to close my eyes,
‘Cause I don’t want the black pit fill my head with lies.
The moon and stars don’t seem to appear tonight.
The clouds are the kings on sight.
The Nightingale sings to call me to sleep
I will not sleep! That’s a promise to keep.
Some were called by the night
And most of them were never seen in sight.
Never again were they able to see the glorious dawn,
For they lay cold in their pitch black lawn.
With strong convictions, hear what I’ll say
Never will you convince me sleep to finish my day!
The sun will rise. I know it will!
‘Cause it’s a cycle that I always have to deal.
:iconreleign:Releign 1 0
The Exile
Dark clouds ruled the sky.
Our struggle to leave the village had gone from days to months. I bit my lips to endure my angry stomach as my mother tug me, telling me to walk faster. I looked at her, somehow addressing to her my condition. She shrugged and touched her pocket. I wasn't the only child in our village. Few days ago, there were babies crying out loud but now, they were silent. Silent as they sleep with their eyes open, bulging, and white with red cracks. There were no baby crying but their parents were still wailing, cursing the cause of our banishment from the land.
The rain slowly poured but still, we walked forward. My mother reached an apple to me. I grabbed it and took a bite. It tastes rotten but I'm used to it. We walked from trails to trails, slept with bugs and worms, and ate roasted raw wild boar or deer. Rotten is no longer the issue, survival is. My mother smiled at me with her face hidden behind scars and dusts."AHHHH!" There was a loud groan from behind followed
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The Muffin Man
"Muffin, anyone?" He'd always say,
With a grin hoping everyone to pay.
Chocolate chips, mousse, raisins, and nuts
With his muffins, don't worry about fats!
The thing about the muffin man
He doesn't only live to sell muffin to everyone.
Jokes, smiles, advises, and laughs
Makes the muffin man an extra-ordinary staff.
So, come all!
Whether you are big or small
See the muffin man
And eat all the muffins you can.
:iconreleign:Releign 0 0
The Way I love
My love is patient. My love is pure,
But you, falling for me, I'm not quite sure.
You long for someone whom you call as "the cure",
The only someone who'll complete the happy picture.
Attracted I am 'cause you always hide,
hide behind the facade of your great pride.
Trust me, if you'll allow me, I'll protect your soft side,
And never again you'll have your feelings denied.
Perfect you were in my eyes.
No doubt! With you, time always flies.
That tingly feeling you cast down my spine--
Oh, how I wish someday you'll be mine.
Thus, my choice is wait for you,
Wait 'til my days are due.
'cause I know 'til now you don't believe it's true
That all my life I have loved you.
:iconreleign:Releign 1 0
A Father's Cry
Do you still remember
How happy you were every November?
Or why not tell me
Your silly jokes just like it used to be?
The way you smile and laugh
Your glowing eyes of wonder and delight--
Remember! Oh, please do.
Remember the days when I was with you.
When I say, "I am home"
You'd always send me back where I was from.
I'd laugh and tickle you
'Cause I know, deep inside, you missed me too.
I would tell you stories
Greece, sharks, ships, vikings, buccaneers, pirates!
You'd just listen, believe.
Your innocence paid for your trust in me.
You've changed, learned to adapt.
While, I've been blind and stubborn to react.
Memories began to fade,
When my skeleton began to escape.
You shouldn't have grown old.
Or maybe, I shouldn't became too cold.
My selfish decision
Turned everything into an illusion.
My daughter of adventure
Chained herself in fear of my nature.
What pain for a father
To vanish in the eyes of his daughter.
"No, please! Never forget!"
Silently pleading as she turned her head.
:iconreleign:Releign 1 2
-No title-
Have you ever been in a realm
where your fantasies become real
And, you are always overwhelm
That you can't conceal what you feel?
A place where you can reverie
And no one will bother your dreams.
A place you can call sanctuary.
A place filled with cookies and creams.
Could that place possibly exist?
Wait! I saw you smiling sweetly.
I guess your dear smile clears the mist.
I wonder, what that place could be?
:iconreleign:Releign 1 6
Mature content
The Beauty of Dead-end :iconreleign:Releign 0 0
Mature content
Chapter 2 :iconreleign:Releign 1 10
Mature content
Still thinking of it :iconreleign:Releign 0 7
Will you dance with me?
Will you care to dance with me?
I'm not wishing for a perfect routine
Rather, an unforgettable memory can be.
Let's dance endless with the rhythm.
A lifetime will not be enough
For this memory to completely vanish
As long as there is music to love
My will to dance with you, I'll never relinquish
With every point of our toes
With every sway of our hips
As you hold me close
Everything is synchronized with our heart beat.
Whether its tango or cha-cha
Name every dance you know
Boogie, swing, rhumba, or salsa
Dance with me and I'll never you go.
I know I don't have the reputation
But I will not let this moment pass easily
I'll just ask you one question
Will you care to dance with me?
:iconreleign:Releign 2 1
Untitled song
Meeting you was unexpected
It was a magical moment
You have brought me to a new world
With that only simple moment
You slowed the ticking of the clock
But rushed the beating of my heart
Like any of the fairy tales
When the Prince rescued the Princess
If Cinderella left her shoe
Just for the Prince to search for her
Aurora fell asleep for years
Just to steal a kiss from her Prince
And Ariel chose legs over fins
Just to have a dance with the Prince
I can stand in front of danger
If you'll protect me forever
But like any story read
Finale is always "The End"
Though it ended in a second
It will always be remembered.
Repeat chorus
:iconreleign:Releign 0 0
Drawing namin ng kapatid ko by Releign Drawing namin ng kapatid ko :iconreleign:Releign 0 1
Who am I
Who am I, do you know?
I guess some would say no.
Are you one of them too?
One that asks you are who?
Let's start with the negative.
Not like you, I'm very inactive,
Hates to sweat to reach my objective,
No matter what you tell me, I'm passive.
Believe me, I'm very weak.
True 'cause I always weep!
Yet weeping makes me strong,
The thing is it takes time to right the wrong.
New people to be with?
I'd try my best to fit.
Just give me a week
Then, you'll hear me speak.
I'm slightly good, I guess.
I love eating to remove stress.
I forget anger when I bake
But I don't eat what I make.
I'm a person who always complain
Specially at times that I'm in vain
But if you start to explain
I can easily understand your pain.
What do I do during passive state?
Poems, stories, and drawings I usually create.
Lazy am I really?
Or you just don't understand me?
The way I interact is different,
Depending on the person's scent.
If I smell goodness, hi friend!
But if I smell flexibility, be mine to the end!
:iconreleign:Releign 0 0
Bitter-sweet Coffee
Remember what you said about coffee?
Now, that's a different story.
A story how you turned out to be,
My bitter-sweet coffee.
About a year or two before,
You were my wake up call
Just like how coffee starts my day
In its own warmest way.
You were one extra-ordinary
Bitter-sweet coffee,
'Cause every time you text me
I'm unexplainably happy.
Why bitter-sweet, you say?
Sweet were our happy days,
Bitter were the troubles along the trip,
But together, a perfect blend of friendship.
Coffee, a best way to start a morning,
I love the warm feeling it's giving.
Every sip is very addictive.
Every sip makes me relieve.
What's different about you,
Is that no matter what I do,
I will never find the same bitter-sweet blend,
Even with my other known girl friends.
:iconreleign:Releign 0 0


Vampire Coach - From this pile of bits and a wagon by gambit4802 Vampire Coach - From this pile of bits and a wagon :icongambit4802:gambit4802 2 0 Spoon by 21AspiringCats Spoon :icon21aspiringcats:21AspiringCats 0 2 InaIre : Kirigakure by himitsu-nk InaIre : Kirigakure :iconhimitsu-nk:himitsu-nk 40 6 Huntress - Chasseresse by Finnikas Huntress - Chasseresse :iconfinnikas:Finnikas 7 0
The music is gone.
I remember emotion
Like the deaf recall a tune.
I still have the notion,
But even that will be gone soon.
The songs are muffled at first,
But the notes remain.
I can still be immersed
In musical joy and pain.
But like a copy of a copy of a copy,
Notes are lost and misplaced,
The whole thing gets sloppy,
A masterpiece defaced.
Finally, the end of the blaze
The last notes die in a frost
Leaving the profound malaise
That something beautiful was lost.
Dead is the feeling I once had.
Left in a mute concert hall,
I wonder how it can hurt so bad,
To feel nothing at all.
:iconbatmanwithbunnyears:BatmanWithBunnyEars 516 60
Katalin 3 by Rikeza Katalin 3 :iconrikeza:Rikeza 10 5 Chibi Kakashi by Cesash Chibi Kakashi :iconcesash:Cesash 16 11
Always There
Be proud
Be strong
Hold your chin up and stand tall-
as tall as you possibly can.
Don't shy away my friend.
When fingers point
and others laugh,
when stories carelessly fall out of
pretentious mouths - oblivious to truth,
walk proudly.
Be determined to overcome all.
And when you feel like giving up,
I'll be here.
My shoulder will be yours
to rest your head on.
My hand will be yours
to hold
when times become difficult.
I will support you always-
so stand above all
and overcome.
:iconglitchedoblivion:GlitchedOblivion 2 1
is it possible to feel your heart beating,
even now? years fell to blood
clotted; clotted as cream in the summer
as milk gone rancid
clotted as life come to a sharp,
stabbing end. i sometimes dream of your
cry, how you would
have sounded in my arms; on my breast;
in the early hours of morning, you cry. you
would have cried, you cry still. keening sobs
wake me in sweat. come back to me. i dream
of you; of what bore you.
just a dream, sleep tight. i am alone here,
you barely even existed; heartbeat judders
cells split and i know you were there, never here;
never in my arms. my heart contained you,
i can feel you, still. cry to me, cry.
:iconchesscakes:chesscakes 2 0
There's thin and there's fat
There's this and there's that
There's hot and there's cold
There's young and there's old.
There's short and there's tall
There's none and there's all
There's black and there's white
There's wrong and there's right.
There's here and there's gone
There's off and there's on
There's high and there's low
There's yes and there's no.
There's ice and there's fire
There's hate and desire
So what does it mean
If you're in-between?
:iconemilypetit:EmilyPetit 4 1
Untitled by KenzoIndigo Untitled :iconkenzoindigo:KenzoIndigo 2 1
He Fights
One-Eyed Wanderer, All-Father to me
I ask you for guidance, to help me see
what challenges lie ahead, to be
in the hopes to overcome and be free.
Every so often, I am broken down
beaten to nothingness and left to drown
in this despair and pain that I found
and I need your help, to reach my crown
Please take me by the hand, and let me hold tight
as you walk me through the dark, horrid night
and lend me the strength so that I may fight
In order to force it back, to bring forth light
People continue to berate and lie
Some of them call out that I should just die
and that I'm too weak to do anything, to fly
above them all, into the sky.
So every night, I kneel before your shrine
In the hopes that you'll help someone of my kind
And no matter if you never do, in time
I know that I'll be rewarded, between the line
Maybe not in this life, or even the next
but I know with my heart, that it will be for the best
and so I take their cruel words in jest
because I know one day, one day, I'll rest
I m
:iconaxlazu:Axlazu 15 16
Bless me as I walk Alone
Oden bless me as I walk alone
Beaten down with stick and stone
And though I'm bound to this rough road
I still give praise for all I've known
Every day, new lessons grow
Mostly reaping what I sow
You've taught me all of this, I know
And onwards on this path I'll go
Though I stumble, and I fall
I rise through challenge, above all
Never caving, standing tall
Knowing I'll go to Valhall
Many folks don't share my views
Some think they are just old news
Still more think I'm a bit loose
But I know, I know the truth
This is my path as a skald
Though it empty seem and cold
It leads to glorious verse and song
I know you're with me, all along.
:iconaxlazu:Axlazu 18 11
Cannot be Him
Come to me, oh come to me
And I promise to give you the sea.
Raise the waves, crash the shores,
Just to hold you; near the core
Of my heart, of my soul
Until the days of life grow old.
But ‘Alas, I shall not win,
For I am me, and cannot be Him.
:iconaxlazu:Axlazu 2 3
Bound by 9Ri Bound :icon9ri:9Ri 5 3



Regime Dalangin
Current Residence: Molino
Favourite cartoon character: Tom and Jerry :)
Personal Quote: Life is short. Live it to the fullest.
At some point of our lives, we become like philosophers asking for the reason of our existence. It's a process that, I guess, every one has to go through. When things don't go the way you expect them to go, when your choices are beyond the rational mind, when you feel lost. These are the usual times when we ask ourselves (even the "astral beings", "creator" or what ever you believe in) "what is the essence of my life?" or "Why am I supposed to take this path?" or "Why am I here?" So, why are we here? Why do we exist? Honestly, I can't answer you 'cause right now I am too, is soul-searching, looking for the "whys" in my life. When I was in grade school to high school, I envisioned myself that one day I will be the start of a change. I love to write back then and I thought writing will be my weapon to start that change but I was wrong. As years passed, a lot of challenges has come to me that caused my first love to gradually die. I stopped writing. Then, of course, I still have that will to make a change so I tried to figure out where I am good at. I discovered that I am good with speaking and interacting. So, I tried inspiring individuals and touching their lives which, at the beginning, turned out well. People tell me that I have the qualities of a charismatic leader. I thought, my charisma will be my weapon for change, but I was wrong. Again, by struck of luck, circumstances didn't go the way they should be which again caused the death of my confidence. From that point and on, I had nothing. I lost myself. I lost interest to live. It's easy to say, "you can just find something that will arouse your interest"  or "do something useful with your life!" But when you're lost and don't know where or what to do, you just have to stop, and that's what I did. Selfish, yes! But I know I needed it. No one is alike. We can't force a bird to swim like a fish or a fish to run like a jaguar. During my selfish days, I went from place to place. Worked from a company to another. I needed information. I need to find what will satisfy my thirst for existence. 'Till now, I don't now what prevents me to cease existing. I'm tired, bored, and stupefied of this life that I am living. I am not even alive! Walking but dead. Awake but unconscious. Even as I read this I want to choke myself 'cause I can see what is wrong with the person writing (which is me) but I can't do anything to make it right. It felt like the me, writing and me, reading are two different individuals who can't come up with a decision. The "writing" me will argue with the "reading" me but by the end of the day, the "doing" me will pop up and come up with a crazy decision that neither the "writing" nor the "reading" me has thought of. And, it will ruin everything. So, these are the three voices telling me why I exist! The part telling me to make a change, the part of me telling me you can't make a change, and the other part who just kept yelling, "WHO GIVES A F*CK".

If you have these three voices in your head as well, you might not give in to my title 'cause the more you give yourself a break, the more the third voice will keep screaming on top of it's lungs "WHO GIVES A F*CK!" Well, it worked for me. I hope it works with you too. I can't give you an advice what and how to answer your philosophical questions. Those are not meant for me to answer, but yours! What do you want to do for the rest of your life? What do you want to be? When I say what you want to be, scrutinize every aspect. What work do you want? Want to get married or not? With your family or without? Travel or not? Know what you want. From then, think of what you need to do to get what you want. Not abruptly but gradually. You will face challenges along the way and the third voice will keep on screaming at you. Beware for it. It will cause you to lose sight of what you want and lose your way. From time to time, take a deep breath and loose the tension in your body. Now, advice me. What can I do to kill the me who kept yelling "WHO GIVES A F*CK?"


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